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The Starting of my Blog

photo2I would have loved to start this blog 6 months ago when we bought our house back in October of 2008. The process was so quick that we had a house in one month.  I guess we were so excited to start working on the house and getting it done before our wedding that we didn’t even think twice about blogging the process. 

We only listed a couple of houses on our notepad that we were interested in and ended up with the first one we looked at. We got a 79 year old cute little 1,000 sq. ft house. It was built in the 1930s and is in great foundation condition. The house really has some vintage character, which is my dream! We got the house for such a great deal there is no way we could pass it up, sure it needed some work, but not too much we can’t handle. This transforming house stuff really makes you learn things you never thought you could do.


Hello and Welcome!

Hi, I'm Sherry Turley, a wife, accounting clerk, photographer, crafter and blogger! Thanks for visiting! I hope you don't regret your stumbling to my blog. I hope to inspire you with the progress of renovating our 1,000 sq. ft 1930s house into a lovely home. Please stay awhile and do leave comments, I love to hear from my readers.



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