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The Beginning of My Garden and Patio

I am a project kinda girl so instead of getting a nice green pot at garden ridge I decided to go with DIY. I bought 2 clay pots for $5.99 each, plates for $4.99 each and Krylon avacado spray paint for $4.99 at the local craft store. Total for the project was $26.95 plus tax. Not too bad for 2 pots that look like my choice. I planted my annuals in them the other night. 1 is light pink and the other dark pink flowers. They look great with the green pots.



A Good Investment

I’m beginning to think I need these in my life, I sure have prooved it in the last 6 months…




















Get the Hint Stickies from Urban Outfitters

Planning on the Outside

Now that the weather is warm Paul and I are ready to start thinking about what to do for the outside of our house. The house pretty much looks the same on the outside as when we bought it back in October. We have already picked out the exterior paint colors and started on sketching the landscaping. We went to Garden Ridge and Lowes last night to pick up some pots and flowers. I am hoping to start working on the yard on Saturday while Paul is doing a photo shoot. Here are some things that need to be done:

  • paint the siding, trim, door, porch and back steps
  • replace backdoor
  • replace mailbox and house numbers
  • take down metal railing and replace with nice wood work
  • build a storage shed for the backyard
  • build a patio area
  • plant a small tree next to the house
  • plant shrubs in front of the house
  • dig up weeds around the 2 trees
  • plant flowers and greenry
  • maybe add a sculpture?

Here are the exterior colors we chose from Lowes, the brand is Olympic.

1. siding 2. trim/doors 3. porch/steps


Painting the Office

I talked to Paul this weekend and he agreed that the floors could be painted white. Thank you for your comments in trying to decide if I should or not, in regards to the concerns about the chair rolling and wearing of the paint, I forgot to mention that Paul is going to add a clearcoat protectant, kinda like the clearcoat you put on top of wood to protect it from the chair rolling.

On another note, here is the colors I picked out for the walls and trim, I am afraid to use bright bold colors with the floors being white so I stayed with pastel natural colors. What do you think?


White Painted Floors

When we moved in there was carpet in the entire house except in the kitchen and bathroom. There is hardfloor underneath, which is what I’ve always wanted in my house and even better, it is in great condition so Paul sanded and restained it.We ripped up the carpet and replaced it in the bedroom with a light tan color.  Now that the office is our next project we haven’t had the time to figure out what to do in there yet. We already know we want hardfloor so that our chairs can roll easier. Now the question is white paint? is it a good idea just because it’s popular? I love it, but will Paul?

Office Color Scheme

Here is a feel for what the office is going to look like in the near future. The office had been put on the back burner since we were trying to get the other rooms done first. This is our next big project, I will post photos once we start working.


 1. Tripp storage tin, set of 3- IKEA 2. Orla Kiely letter tray– Target 3. Little Dunces print set– The Black Apple 4. Orla Kiely media tote– Target 5. Galant desk– IKEA 6. Orla Kiely tablecloth- Target 7. Snille swivel chair– IKEA 8. Kvart desk lamp– IKEA 9. Jenny Crosley phone– Urban Outfitters 10. Ringum rug– IKEA 11. Orla Kiely stoneware pitcher– Target 12. Lack bookcase– IKEA

Before and After Umbra Loft Vase


I’ve wanted this Umbra Loft vase  for a while, until I finally purchased it for $3 in the clerance section at Target. I do love a bargin! I got it home and couldn’t decide where to put it since it was grey…no problem! I painted it white and then it matched the bedroom.

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